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Skid Steers are well known for its ability to offer portability and manoeuvrability in tight situations. They are excellent on hard surfaces and used for transporting, digging and lifting but when it comes to rough terrain like muddy, snowy and sandy Skid steers tend to struggle.

Over-the-Tire (OTT) tracks are an attachment developed to enhance the capabilities of the Skid steers to work in difficult surfaces. Our OTT tracks are developed from high wear strength material to resist chipping and wear and designed in a profile to increase traction and floating. We manufacture OTT tracks in different sizes to accommodate to all Skid Steers.

Supply Range

Sizes available to fit all Skid Steers

Optional accessories such as wheel spacers, mounting assistance toolkit, bolt-on rubber pads are also available.

Our OTT tracks can be used virtually in all terrains augmenting the productivity of your machine.